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What People are Saying about Terry Lubotsky


heart bullet"The best workshop I have attended in 20 years at work. Terry is simply superb and has inspired me to believe in myself. An excellent trainer."

Yvonne Ince
Nottingham Biostatistics, Ltd., United Kingdom

heart bullet“Terry was an excellent speaker. I liked her hands on techniques. She was so energetic and enthusiastic.”

Lisa Atkins
Knox Co. Circuit Court

heart bullet "Terry was able to relate to the groups everyday jobs. Seminar moved at a fast pace, but structured so that we did not lose information. Terry's voice and body language matched the seminar."

Shirley Sargeant
Interior Design Services

heart bullet “A number of the sales people have implemented your suggestions and have achieved very favorable responses, which have resulted in sales. All of the people attending the presentation were extremely impressed with both your warmth and honest approach to business.”

Barry Young
President, Whitestone Financial Corporation

heart bullet “Seminar was outstanding! Excellent content, presented professionally and with real world knowledge.”

Steven Horn
Georgia Spec. Chemicals

heart bullet "Terry is a terrific speaker with a wealth of knowledge in a broad range of subjects that will not only help me in my business. I can apply this information in my personal life as well. Thank you!”

De Stephen

heart bullet "Excellent presentation! Dynamic leader kept things at a good pace. Relevant and helpful information that is workable in real life situations."

Coreen Kahalekulu

heart bullet "One of the best seminars I've attended in years. I was amazed that techniques were immediately applied and effective."

Rita Rousseau


heart bullet "Terry is dynamic and an inspiring presenter, with great presence and personality. I will use these tools in both my professional life and personal life."

Lisa Foley
UNC Chapel Hill School of Social Work

heart bullet "This workshop addressed the very reason I signed up for it. I feel confident now that I am armed with techniques to confront and control conflict."

Wayne Quinn
Cental City Elementary

heart bullet "It was fun, interesting and most of all, worth my time and my companies funding. I think the instructor, Terry, was the guiding factor in keeping my interest up. She has a great tone in her voice, uses games and examples to help get essential points across."

Jason Barnello
Cornell University

heart bullet "You were delightful. You had great examples, were upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic."

Jane Smith
High School Administrator

heart bullet “Terry you are an excellent speaker and I hope I’ll get the chance to attend other seminars you are presenting.”

Elizabeth Lake
Cesar Chaver Academy Middle High School

heart bullet "The wide organization and content was very constructive - lots of useful tips I could take away and actually implement into my work schedule. Programme leader Terry was just brilliant - full of enthusiasm and energy."

Nusiat Aziz
Oldham College Manchester, United Kingdom


heart bullet "The best seminar I have been to. This seminar helped me see the reality of my goals for tomorrow and down the road. Thanks so much."

Gina Flood
Englewood Community Hospital

heart bullet "Terry is a dynamic and motivating instructor. I appreciate practical suggestions and illustrations - very useful information."

Gladys Litte
Blue Cross

heart bullet “Terry is a role model to any age and exhibits phenomenal teaching skills. Her attitude is always positive, energetic, and she is willing to help in any situation.”

Jeremy Reardon
Professional Personal Trainer

heart bullet "Terry brings the leadership quality you want to obtain."

Patricia Langlais
Mercy Hospital

heart bullet “I thought Terry was a terrific speaker. She knows her stuff and you can tell she’s a strong-willed, go-getter type of person. Thank you Terry for a great experience.”

Kim Lewis
Greensboro Plastic Surgical Association

heart bullet "The trainer, Terry was excellent and shared working examples/practices that could be related to the course content. She exuded confidence and presented the course extremely well and professionally."

Sara McGlone
Northern Counties H.A. Manchester, U.K.



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